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Showcasing my stuff

Posted May 1st, 2010 in News by admin

I should have done this years ago. I’ve had personal sites since 1995 and have been blogging since 1998, but a portfolio is the last thing you worry about when you have a full time job and don’t rely on your extracurricular activities to bring home the bacon.

Von B Press was the moniker I used when I self published my first book. Since then I’ve used it to sign some of the websites I’ve built. Some of them no longer exist, like, a place where people could share their memories and emotions evoked by songs. (I will try to find backups and give them a little blurb here in memory.) Some of them are nearing the end of their lifespan, like which in 2000 was the first U2 weblog and one of the first niche weblogs in general. Others are thriving: the award winning continues to be the place to go for the latest news on the work of the American director and writer Joss Whedon.

Currently I am working on a new edition of Gavin Friday – The Light and Dark which I hope to publish on later this year. As the update nears completion, I’ll share news and details with you here on this site.