Punch: a play

Punch: a play

Written by Scott Hickey and Caroline van Oosten de Boer.
First performed by ETU (English Theatre Utrecht) at the Kargadoor, Utrecht, June 3-12, 1993. Directed by Caroline van Oosten de Boer.

The Story
Puccini is the puppet master. He is a mean old man and wears a shabby salesman’s suit, a trilby hat and he carries a dealbox with puppets in the one hand, a cane in the other. Pike, the theatre’s proprietor is subservient man, Puccini’s dogsbody. Enter Eva, an innocent looking young girl in a frilly blouse…

The Set
The stage is like a framework, a puppet theatre within a puppet theatre. The actors act in front of a proscenium, we only see the top halves of their bodies. The proscenium is hung with drapes or painted to look like that. It has three windows through which we see an ever more apocalyptic fantasy landscape, with an occasional puppet peeking around a corner or just plain dead. The actual puppet theatre stands to the right in what could be a market square. It looks like, or is, a genuine puppet theatre.

The Cast
Pike – Paul Franssen
Puccini, Punch & puppets – John Strange
Eva – Anna Bencivinni
Wife/Polly/Prostitute – Sandra Collins
Husband/Priests – Scott Hickey
Pacifist/Private – Dany van der Horst

Props/Lights/Sound – Ria van Rijswijk
Set design/art work – Scott Hickey

ISBN 90-800997-3-2
Currently not available, but I am planning to publish a new edition on Lulu.com.